Introducing StayInTouch Android App

After several months of development, I’d like to introduce my new Android application StayInTouch. This post only lists its main features and technologies I used to develop it. More posts explaining my experience while developing this app in more detail will soon follow.

StayInTouch will remind you when you’ve not contacted your friends for some time. It allows you to set the time period between reminders in days, weeks, months and even years. To avoid getting in touch with your contacts in uniform intervals, StayInTouch allows you to add some randomness to your reminders. When the contact is due, a notification is showed reminding you it is time to get in touch with your contact. You can get in touch with your contacts straight from the notification using your favourite application. After a successful contact is made, a log should be created to plan the next reminder.

App features

  • integration with system contacts
  • receive notifications with contact reminders
  • permanent notifications making sure that you don’t forget
  • fuzzy reminders scheduling notifications to random times
  • get in touch straight from notifications
  • make contact using your favourite apps
  • keeping your contact history

Development details

  • MVP architecture
  • Material design
  • Realm object database
  • RxJava, Retrolambda, ButterKnife,
  • Firebase integration (crash reports, analytics, ads)
  • Google Play InApp Billing

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