My work & projects

This page provides references to projects I have worked on in the past. If you would like me to cooperate with you on your own application, do not hesitate to contact me.

StayInTouch (2017)

StayInTouch will remind you when you’ve not contacted your friends for some time. It allows you to set the time period between reminders in days, weeks, months and even years. To avoid getting in touch with your contacts in uniform intervals, StayInTouch allows you to add some randomness to your reminders. When the contact is due, a notification is showed reminding you it is time to get in touch with your contact. You can get in touch with your contacts straight from the notification using your favourite application. After a successful contact is made, a log should be created to plan the next reminder. [StayInTouch: Contact reminder on Google Play, Project website]

App features:

  • integration with system contacts
  • receive notifications with contact reminders
  • permanent notifications making sure that you don’t forget
  • fuzzy reminders scheduling notifications to random times
  • get in touch straight from notifications
  • make contact using your favourite apps
  • keeping your contact history

Development details:

  • MVP architecture
  • Material design
  • Realm object database
  • RxJava, Retrolambda, ButterKnife,
  • Firebase integration (crash reports, analytics, ads)
  • Google Play InApp Billing

SuperStar (2015)

SuperStar singing television show (also known as American Idol in the USA or Pop Idol in the UK) guide and voting application. The application provides dynamically generated articles and interviews as well as video reports and information about contestants. It allows the users to buy credits using in-app purchases and vote for contestants during the airing of the show. [Google Play]

  • over 100,000 installations from Google Play
  • REST API & ORM database
  • Google Play Services integration & In-app purchases
  • Facebook login connection
  • Push notifications
  • On-demand loading
  • Catchy design & Pixel-perfect graphics
  • Custom views (State-aware like & follow buttons)

Majales (2015)

Majales music festival guide for visitors. Stores content data off-line so that they are always available even when not connected to the network. The application provides a clear representation of the festival programme and allows to create own timetable with favourite bands. Festival map as well as band information and other helpful information are also available. [Google Play]

  • Off-line content caching
  • REST API & ORM database
  • Catchy design & Pixel-perfect graphics
  • Custom views (Schedule timeline)

OpenGame (2016, 2015)

Floorball tournament guide allowing the user to follow several selected teams and their detailed results in the game. The data are cached locally so that they are available even without network connection. [Google Play]

  • REST API & ORM database
  • Off-line content caching
  • Simple & Distraction-free Material design

Patient’s Diary (2014)

Medical information application. Allows the user to record a number of measurements as well as keep records of drugs taken. Features reminder functionality, alarms, backup and restore of the data recorded and access to many sources of medical information in one place. [Google Play]

  • Two different versions for phones and tablets
  • Extensive underlying database
  • Multiple user accounts
  • A large number of modules (Reminders, Measurements, Medical Information, etc.)