Persist data effectively with Android Realm database

When it comes to storing application data in a database on Android, there’s not much of a choice the developer has. First of all, there is SQLite as the only officially recommended solution in Android framework. On top of SQLite, there is a number of ORM (Object-relational mapping) frameworks available which aim at allowing developer to work directly with objects when storing and reading data from a database. SQLite is however sometimes not so easy to use and there are some drawbacks due to not being designed specificaly for mobile devices. Luckily, there is another kind of database gaining on popularity lately — the Android Realm database.

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Reduce APK size (2/2): Optimizing code

Optimizing the graphics resources of your android application was the main subject of my previous post. The second post from the “how to reduce APK size” series focuses on optimizing the source code.

In this post, first I’ll describe a few tips for a better optimized code. Then I’ll show you some of the methods of dependency analysis and eventually, I’ll present several tips on how to reduce APK size of your application in case you’re using native libraries.

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